Save Time and Money for Your Company with These Tips

by Katy Bruegenhemke | Apr 10, 2017

Every business is eager to cut costs, and they are quick to recognize the employees who help them achieve this goal. There are any number of ways individuals can work toward helping their company accomplish this goal, but here are a few easy ways you can save your company time and money today.

Go Paperless

You’re probably familiar with the email tag encouraging recipients to reconsider printing communications. The same practice can save businesses substantial amounts of money in their daily project and business documentation. Going paperless is something that is getting easier and easier with document storage moving to the cloud and providing access to needed documents electronically from just about any wear with an internet connection. You can also encourage clients and customers to go paperless to save your business money as so often hard copy invoices, communications, and other documents simply end up in the recycling bin or in storage rooms.

Bundle Services

There are many ways employees can save time and money in the services they purchase. In many cases, businesses save quite a lot of money (and time) by bundling travel, software, building maintenance, and other services required to keep the lights on at work. Identifying those opportunities to save money is an excellent way to make corporate leadership notice your commitment to the company, so don’t be afraid to speak up when there are cost savings to be had.

Identify Inefficiencies

As an employee with “boots on the ground”, you have a unique perspective on the daily processes and procedures that are required to get the job done. Similarly, you are uniquely positioned to identify inefficiencies in those processes. While change can be difficult to initiate on a corporate level, documenting and communicating necessary changes that will help reduce those inefficiencies will place you as a leader within your team and help your business stand strong in disruptive times.

Reduce Waste

Just as you can help your company save money by identifying inefficiencies, doing your part to reduce waste on the job can have a real impact. Waste can come in many forms, from wasted paper or ink from unnecessary print jobs, wasted storage space for on-site archives, even wasted time on the job. You can make a significant impact as an employee who values resources and does everything within their power to reduce waste and get the job done better.

There are plenty of opportunities for employees at every level to help their company save money, but in truth the real difference is in the culture and attitude of each individual. It’s about encouraging responsibility, and instilling a mentality of ownership throughout every level of employment within the business. Staff members who actively think about what’s best for the company and who take ownership of their work will inevitably save the business time and money in their everyday actions and decision making.

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