Do You Love Your Job? If Not Should You Find a New One?

by Katy Bruegenhemke | Nov 04, 2016

Are you excited to get up for work every morning?  Do you beam with excitement when people ask you about your job?  If the answer is no, it may be time to consider a new one.  Though you may fantasize about making a grand exit and getting away from your boss, you need to think through this decision before walking out the door.  If you don’t have an exit strategy, quitting your job can lead to greater consequences such as having to take a job you dislike even more in order to pay your bills. It’s essential to weigh all the pros and cons of whether quitting is the right decision.  Here are a few tips to decide whether you should go or stay.

Weigh the good and the bad.

Take out a sheet of paper and draw a line down the middle.  On one side list all the things you love about your job.  On the other, list all the things you find bothersome.  No matter how big or small the problem, list it so that you can realistically consider all the pros and cons of your current job.

Thoroughly evaluate everything on the list.

Read through your pros and cons list and cross off any items that are temporary, such as a negative coworker or a difficult process that has the potential to change.  Do so will help determine whether it’s the people you’re working with or the company as a whole that keep you from loving your job.  If it’s just the team you’re on, you may want to look into if being transferred to a different department is a possibility rather than leaving the company entirely.  Many companies prefer to hire within when positions open up, which may be a great opportunity for you to move into a different position.  If many of the reasons for disliking your job are temporary, then you should consider waiting it out to see if the situation improves, instead of throwing the hat in on your job.

Consider your finances.

The most important thing to consider before deciding to leave a job is your financial situation.  Can you really afford to quit your job?  In a tough job market, if you can’t make it at least six months on your savings, then you shouldn’t quit your job.  Quitting on a whim can be a huge financial mistake.  It’s better to go to a job you hate everyday than to be without a job and not able to pay your bills.

If you’re in a position that you must quit your job before securing another position, you should at least find a temporary, part-time job so that you still have some source of income and no resume gaps.

Make a smart change.

After weighing all of your options, you may decide that you’re not in love with your job and want to find a new one.  Start looking for an opportunity and saving up your money before you actually quit.  Use your sick and vacation days to take time off to go on interviews.  This will remove some of the financial pressure and give you more flexibility.  Revamp your resume and line up contacts and references before you leave.  If you do need to leave before securing another job, at least you’ll have a little bit of savings to tie you over.

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