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Three Steps to Making Your Employees Happier from 9-5

by Katy Bruegenhemke | Feb 13, 2017

Employers are always on the lookout for ways to improve their retention rates, particularly for their best employees. High turnover rates are quite harmful to the overall productivity and growth of an otherwise successful company. Recognizing that the happiness and overall satisfaction of your staff is critical to your bottom line will set you on the path to creating a strong employee base and will help in retaining your top performers.

In this article we discuss what three actions you can take to ensure your employees are happier in their daily work lives.

Focus on Engagement

Employees, particularly of the millennial generation, are interested in the type of work that keeps them engaged. This can be accomplished in a number of little ways. Managers should have their fingers on the pulse of each team members’ overall engagement level as well as their performance. Creating an open conversation about goal setting and career development will bring the long-term interests of an employee into the forefront of the conversation.

Understanding the interplay of skills and how team members provide value within the context of the projects they work on regularly is important. This provides the information you need as a manager to directly engage and maintain their interest in the work.  Offering the opportunity for regular one on one meetings or mentorship programs can help make employees feel that their leadership is fully invested in their engagement, their success, and their overall happiness.

Show Your Appreciation

One of the greatest contributors to unhappiness in the workforce is a feeling of being unappreciated. This can take the form of a lack of appropriate financial compensation, but more often than not it is a simple lack of recognition. Each employee likely has a different way in which they feel appreciated, and managers are regularly tasked with finding out how their top performers prefer to be recognized and rewarded for their successes.

Motivate your employees through achievement and recognition programs. Little things like gift cards, holiday parties, an extra day off, or even tickets to a show, all help to make employees feel like they are appreciated and part of a strong community rather than just showing up for a job to pay their bills.

Create a Strong Culture

In terms of overall worker happiness, the modern workforce is looking beyond basic benefits and compensation packages. There will always be another company willing to offer a little more money to retain their top employees, but consider what you can offer beyond the market norms that will make working for your company a unique experience. Offering extra paid time off, sick leave, maternity or paternity leave will help show that you value their happiness outside of the workplace as much as within. Encourage staff to maintain healthy lifestyles with a paid gym membership or extracurricular activities helps create the work-life balance that maintains emotional contentment.

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