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How Can You Push Your Employees to Finding their Dream Job?

by Katy Bruegenhemke | Feb 13, 2017

Employees work best when they are passionate about what they do.

As an employer, you want to make sure that your team is as motivated and productive as possible, so it makes sense to have an open conversation about what you can do to help them reach their full potential. Today’s article addresses this issue and provides a number of ways you can help your employees grow in their career while also encouraging retention.

Offer Education and Training Programs

Many professionals feel stuck in their jobs simply because they don’t have the education to pursue what they are truly passionate about. Helping them to identify and even subsidizing the education or training programs that will help them get to where they want to be is a great opportunity for employees to grow their career, and for employers to mold their employees.

Great leadership often comes from within a company. Working with your talented staff members to identify how furthering their education can help prepare them for opportunities within your company with increasing levels of responsibility and strategic requirements can be exactly what you need to create the next generation of corporate leadership, without all the expense or trouble of hiring externally. Alternatively, taking the time to train your employees internally for the jobs they are most eager to perform can be a low cost way of bringing your staff into a new position that both excites and inspires them.

Mentorship Programs

A mentor is often the best thing any one person can have in terms of advancing their career. Experienced mentors can offer the advice and industry knowledge that employees need to make the most of their time and efforts on the job. While some of the best mentor-mentee relationships occur organically, there are a number of things employers can do to encourage such interactions. Developing an in-house mentorship program where veteran staff members are rewarded for supporting the development of the newer hires is one such option.

Arranging for networking events, both internal and external to the company, can also help people connect. Encourage mentees to speak openly with their mentors to find what options are available to them within the industry so as to inspire exploration and interest in how an employee could be more fulfilled in their day to day work.

Professional Development Programs

Information is often what employees most need in order to finding and pursuing their talents on the job. Offering in-house professional development seminars (such as in leadership or time management training), as well as access to conferences and workshops can open many doors for employees looking to expand their horizons. Even brown-bag lunch sessions where employees are able to discuss their own successes and obstacles in a casual setting can create the learning environment needed to inspire exploration.

The nurturing environment that you create will encourage your employees to explore their passions while also instilling loyalty and interest in how they can bring those passions to work for you. More great tips on inspiring your staff members and increasing your retention rates are available from our team of career advisors and recruiting experts. Contact Allied Staffing today to see how we can help you build your dream team.

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