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5 Leadership Tips: How to Crack the Whip and Not Hurt Your Team

by Katy Bruegenhemke | Feb 13, 2017

Leadership is all about providing strength and direction for your staff. Sometimes pointing them in the right direction can require more muscle than what might come naturally; however in order to really motivate you must strike a balance between stern and sensitive. Today’s blog looks into leadership strategy that helps you “crack the whip” without damaging team morale.

Tip #1. Focus on the Why

It’s one thing to tell your employees what to do and expect them to do the job, it’s another thing to really motivate them to take ownership of the task. In order for this to happen, they need to understand the why behind the what. Explaining the details around a project will help clarify the task, but the most important thing is to gain legitimate buy-in from your team to ensure they are fully on board.

Tip #2. Connect Goals and Results

Goal setting is critical to effective leadership. Many managers also provide incentives to help their team move toward those goals. Incentives are great, but they need to be tightly linked to results and the goals that staff are working toward. Keep the overall mission in mind when designing incentive programs and make sure results are measurable and recorded.

Tip #3. Trust Your Team

You go to great lengths to identify, recruit and onboard your talented staff. Don’t steamroll over their valuable input when it comes to their daily contributions. Constantly looking over the shoulders of your employees is frustrating for them and a waste of time and resources for you. Keep your leadership contributions focused on high-level mission and goal setting, and put your trust in your team to get the job done.

Tip #4. Hire for Skill

When building your team, make sure your employees are fully qualified and can be counted on to follow through on the tasks assigned to them. In the recruiting process, it is easy to become impressed with a candidate based on their will or interest in the job opportunity. But it is the skill and qualifications that will truly bring value to your team. Building a strong team will help ensure that your staff members have the support and know-how to accomplish what you set before them.

Tip #5. Compassion First

A good manager is a compassionate one. Family emergencies should not be penalized. Leave time should be offered and respected. And accidents should be recognized as such and employees given the opportunity to learn from their mistakes. Of course there is a limit to compassion, particularly when it restricts the team’s ability to deliver on promises, but in most cases a little kindness from a manager will go a long way.

For more excellent management advice to help you build your dream team, connect with a staffing representative at Allied Staffing today.

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Since 1966 Allied Staffing has provided hiring solutions for manufacturers, warehouses and other employers in Kansas City and the surrounding areas. Our specialty is in finding reliable, hard-working temporary and full-time employees to help organizations improve productivity, manage labor expenses, and get more work done. Looking to grow your workforce in 2017? Contact the experts at Allied Staffing.


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