Be a Problem Solver | Exercise Your Job Muscles

by Aneliya Petkova | Feb 07, 2017

It’s easy to be a critic on the job. There’s always something you can point to and say is going wrong. But it takes a real leader to be a problem solver. These are the employees who are turned to for leadership in difficult times and who are trusted with greater responsibilities as their career progresses. Here are a few ways you can exercise your job muscles and make sure you are a problem solver.

Keep a Little Perspective

When something goes wrong, it can seem like a real emergency. But jumping from crisis to crisis is a poor way to go about your business. It adds unnecessary stress and can result in bad decision making, as well. Instead, try taking a step back and looking at the problem with a little extra objectivity. Great problem solvers approach each problem as though it were brand new. This will help to apply specific solutions that address the problem at hand. Laying blame on past issues or complications will only dig your team deeper into crisis. Look at the problem with fresh, clear eyes to help keep a little perspective and stay on task.

Evaluate All Obstacles

One of the tricky things with problems in the workplace is that there are so many variables that can complicate the solution. Each person involved, every timeline or deliverable can result in another layer of difficulty in solving the issue. To avoid partial solutions or delaying the issue, take the time to evaluate all obstacles that are standing in the way of a real solution. Knowing what those variables are before thinking about solutions will help you complete the task thoughtfully and thoroughly.

Find the Opportunity

They say that behind every obstacle lies an opportunity. In the case of problems at work, it can be tough to identify that opportunity. But if you really look, you’ll find one. Crises often open doors, particularly for those looking to provide real solutions. A problem is the result of a faulty process or mistake, so by identifying the error, you are able to find an opportunity to improve. Great problem solvers know that solving the problem provides an opportunity to grow and avoid similar problems in the future.

Increase Communication

So many problems are the result of poor communication. Be a problem solver and break down silos of information and communication to get the team talking and thinking creatively again. Collaboration is a powerful tool in the workforce. It’s so powerful that a lack thereof will result in inevitable crisis. Solve problems by increasing communication and you won’t have to deal with the same issue again in the future.

Forget Ego

A real problem solver is one who doesn’t bring their ego into the mix. Mistakes that were made or lessons that needed to be learned are legitimate. Acknowledge that they happened and help the team move forward for long term solutions.

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